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Kleine Probleme Sonny und Frank kommen wegen der Picknickgabel-Tode nach Sunnydale. Als sie über Union und Vamps stolpern, mischt sich Frank mal wieder in Sachen ein, von denen er besser die Finger gelassen hätte.
"Buffy - the Vampire Slayer" crossover - Humor [German]
31318 2001 incomplete
Kindred: Trinity - Ends and Beginnings At Trinity, an idyllic, boring, little American town, kindred are controlling almost the whole business and politics. Foremost, the smart Brujah Jonas, who’s more interested in gaining another million at the stock exchange than waging a clan war. The peace is severely impaired, when the Assamite kill the whole Conclave but Jonas. Bound to a promise he gave the dying Prince, Jonas suddenly has to become Prince of the grieving, distressed and scared kindred community - or loose Trinity to the Assamite... 28516 2002 complete