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Title   Words Date Status
The Game Archon has the hots for Julian.
NC-17 - Slash (Julian/Archon)
1393 Jul 2000 complete
Touch of the Wild Another story of Julian's embrace. 3741 Aug 2000 complete
Julian's Hard Day's Night The Sabbat comes to San Francisco and the Kindred have to fight for their lifes. 10484 Jul 2001 complete
The Other Side of Eternity "Highlander" crossover
Duncan, Richie and Methos travel to San Francisco and Duncan realizes that he has some 'darker desires'...
NC-17 · Slash
9648 Oct 2001 incomplete
A Part of the Family Plot? What plot? Frank/Sonny - Slash 613 Jun 2002 incomplete
Time and Again From the author: As many of you know, I don't like the fact that Julian died in Bev's beautifully written, yet thoroughly tragic stories. I got bored one late night and wrote one of the possibilities if Julian came back following Bev's them 1087 Jun 2002 complete