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Title   Words Date Status
The Lady and The Sabbat Frank gets a visit from a distant relative. Could this be the end of Julian and his city? 31893 Jul 2002 incomplete
Moonlight Charm Talisman Ranvier had an easy mission: Kill the Leader of the Toreadors. But assassination is never easy, espeically with Sasha Luna in the picture 6735 Oct 2002 incomplete
Goodnight My Love Julian has Lillie, Frank had Alexandra, Cash has Sasha. But what about Sonny? 6579 Nov 2002 complete
Live Hard, Die Hard and Remember Me The past comes back to haunt Julian and so does Zane. 487 Nov 2002 incomplete
Say Uncle We all know Sasha was Julian's neice but was she the only one? 3646 Nov 2002 incomplete
To Cry Ophelia Ophelia Shaw finds safety in the dark beauty of the Haven. 3891 Nov 2002 incomplete
Blue Devil Rising Caitlin Burn has a good life: Editor of the city new paper and girlfriend of the Prince. Now she has called for her sister come home. What does that mean? 3345 Dec 2002 incomplete
Summer Dreams Frank is visited by his niece. But she is not what she seems to be... 7192 Dec 2002 incomplete
Friends Sasha is at her wits end both with her uncle and her life. She goes to find peace in the form of an old friend. Only to find more trouble. 4115 Jan 2003 incomplete
Past Lives Sasha had a wild human life. Now that she is Brujah she is remembering the more painful moments. Moments that even she has trouble admitting to ever being part of. How will Cash handle the truth and will it be the ulitmate end of them?
4043 Mar 2003 complete
Serving Up The Night Jazabel Ross went to the Haven to hang out and instead finds herself working as a bartender at the club. 4864 Apr 2003 incomplete
Jihanna This a continuation of the Cherries Jubilee series, for any of you who remember it. Mira has moved to New York to take on the vampires and get over Cameron. 5595 Jun 2003 incomplete
Tainted Love Caitlin has more family then Julian thought 4835 Jun 2003 complete
Twilight Ember Lillie books a new band to the Haven and death follows. 3780 Jun 2003 complete
Choices We Make A friend from Sasha's past turns up in hosptial. There is a mysterious man following her and Sasha finds that her new life maybe the only thing that can save them both. 2488 Sep 2003 incomplete
Family Matters Story on Frank's family. 4321 Oct 2003 incomplete