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Title   Words Date Status
Midnight Encounter Basic story concept was generously provided by Jade, from the beginning of her story "Julian's Hard Day's Night" 2625 May 2000 complete
Blood Relative 1 This story will make *much* greater sense if Kelly Schweighauser’s story entitled "INNOCENT BLOOD" has already been read. Brief reference is also made to her story, "SINS OF THE FATHER," AND "SIXTH TRADITION." 12632 Aug 2000 complete
Blood Relative 2:
An Afterword
This story will make more sense if you've read any of the stories written by Julie Beamer that feature Alec Tremaine, in particular, "LINE OF COMMUNICATION." 10403 Aug 2000 complete
Blood Relative 3:
No Regrets
Caitlin's life after Julian. (Epilogue to "An Afterword") 2010 Sep 2000 complete
Cat Encounter Julian stumbles across a young Garou. Will old enemities between the two species prevail? 1849 Jun 2002 complete