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Title   Words Date Status
Alexandra Alexandra Serris meets Julian Luna. 5816 Oct 1996 complete
Out of the Darkness ... 6425 Feb 1998 complete
Perchance to Dream Kindred crimes are being committed in San Francisco. All tracks lead to the Brujah, but Cameron refuses to accept the blame. As the shadows draw closer Julian's only hope of unveiling these dangers and restoring peace to his Domain may be...Caitlin. 6237 Feb 1998 complete
Lines of Communication Frank and Sonny have to investigate a murder at Julian Luna's residence. 6290 Jul 2000 complete
Editor's Pick
Shadows of the Night
A Kindred is murdering humans and endangering the Masquerade. Frank is helping to find the killer. 9058 Jul 2000 complete
Editor's Pick
Through Faded Memory
Julian is a murder suspect and Frank is asked to do the investigation. 7093 Jul 2000 complete
Full Disclosure ... 6792 Nov 2001 complete
After the Rain Sonny and Frank have a talk. 1721 Jun 2002 complete