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Title   Words Date Status
SF universe: Truth or Dare NC-17 - Slash 5485 1996 complete
Virtual Kindred 01: Embrace Julian's embrace
NC-17 - Slash / Het
3956 1998 complete
Virtual Kindred 03: Stirrings This is the story of the day Cash first met Julian, when he was brought to Archon by Stevie Ray as a hostage during the clan wars.
NC-17 - Slash
7245 1998 complete
Virtual Kindred 04: Solace Slash 954 1998 complete
Virtual Kindred 05: Tremors This is the story of the day Julian early reactions to Cash, when the Gangrel was brought to Archon by Stevie Ray as a hostage during the clan wars.
3757 1998 complete
Virtual Kindred 06: Range Slash 6224 1998 complete
Virtual Kindred 07:
In the cards
A Tarot Reading for Cash
266 1998 complete
Virtual Kindred 14:
Power Struggle
The Missing Scene from the Pilot
NC-17 - Slash
2881 1998 complete
Virtual Kindred 16: Ritual This scene occurs after Archon's Final Death. Julian and Cash share memories of their relationship with the Ventrue primogen in this tale of passion with a touch of plot.
NC-17- Slash
3655 1998 complete
Virtual Kindred 17:
Love Letters
A Series of letters that passed between Julian and Cash during the month of October.
960 1998 complete
Virtual Kindred 09: Battle Slash 4205 Dec 1998 complete
SF Universe: Been away too long Slash 961 1999 complete
Virtual Kindred 02:
Morgaine's Embrace
NC-17 3940 1999 complete
Virtual Kindred 08: Messenger Slash 5798 1999 complete
Virtual Kindred 10: Wounds Slash 6261 1999 complete
Virtual Kindred 11: Peace A couple days after the events of "Battle" and "Wounds."
NC-17 - Slash
5175 1999 complete
Virtual Kindred 12: Anticipation Slash 1846 1999 complete
Fire & Rain A Julian/Cash piece set in November 1996, following Archon's death and just as prince and primogen are renewing their bonds.
NC-17 - Slash /JUlian/Cash)
2304 Aug 1999 complete
Ice & Steel Set in December 1996, as Julian and Cash's relationship is reasserting itself a little more publicly.
NC-17 - Slash (Julian/Cash)
5278 Aug 1999 complete
Lessons Learned: It's More Than Just Sex A Cash/David Story which recounts their first time together
NC-17 - Slash
9942 Jan 2000 complete
Virtual Kindred 13:
Blood Ritual
Bloodsharing between Julian and Morgaine 1076 Jul 2000 complete
In the still of the night... NC-17 - Slash (Julian/Cash) 879 Aug 2000 complete
Virtual Kindred 15:
Bad Day at the Office
This scene occurs after the nonconsensual Embrace of Julian's great-great-granddaughter, Sasha, by the Brujah, but before Archon's death.
NC-17 - Slash (Julian/Cash)
1876 Jul 2002 complete