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Title   Words Date Status
Feeding Time Sasha Luna needs the assistance of her Uncle Julian when Hunting for the blood she needs to exist. 1382 1996 complete
A Little Night Music Terrorists strike the Mayor's Inaugural Ball, taking Caitlin, Lillie and Sasha captive. Julian and Frank are forced to cooperate with each other to save the three [far from helpless] women. [Plot outline] 2252 Nov 1998 complete
Aftermath A short scene from 1985, when Daedalus sees Julian Luna for the first time after the Clan War. 1502 Nov 1998 complete
Alexandra Frank Kohanek's 'first time' with a Kindred. She is Alexandra Serris, former lover of supposed Mob Boss, Julian Luna. 1535 Nov 1998 complete
Innocent Blood What is the price of innocence? On a single summer night in 1919, Alexandra, Julian and Archon find out. 12708 Nov 1998 complete
Kindred Spirits 2:
Sins of the Fathers
Sasha's cousin Donald appears in town wants to work for Julian Luna... as drug dealer.
This story is in a time line with "The Hunt" and "Stranger in Town"
39768 Nov 1998 complete
Sixth Tradition The Sixth Tradition states that no Kindred may kill another. When Cash is accused of breaking this law, not once, but twice, Julian is forced to call a Blood Hunt against the young Gangrel Primogen. 79408 Nov 1998 complete
The Hunt 1 Julian discovers that Sasha has never drunk human blood. 6939 Aug 1999 complete
The Hunt 2 Julian and Cash try to teach Sasha how to Hunt mortal prey. 5435 Oct 1999 complete
Blood/Lust Cash receives permission to create a Fledgling of his own, but he can't anticipate Sasha's jealous reaction to his new Childe. [Plot outline] 3514 Jul 2000 complete
Blood/Lust 2: Millennium The evil Pentex Corporation attempts to establish a division in San Francisco, and Julian must call on an old lover for help - enter Elizabeth Bathory, Tremere Sorceress. [Plot outline] 3285 Jul 2000 complete
Fallen Angel Frank Kohanek's affair with Lillie Langtry causes him unexpected problems when the FBI begins an investigation into his connection with reputed mob-boss Julian Luna. [Plot outline] 1664 Jul 2000 complete
Editor's Pick
Kindred Spirits
Cameron is forced by the Prince to embrace one of his human mobster associates to regain control over the humans. But this new childe turns out wrong.
This story is in a time line with "The Hunt" and "Stranger in Town"
28224 Jul 2000 complete
Snakes A young mortal named Stephan Giovanni arrives in San Francisco claiming to be Julian's descendant. He is accompanied by a Follower of Set, and followed by his Grandmother, a Kindred of the fearsome Giovanni clan. 27538 Jun 2002 complete
The Driving Lesson Stevie Ray attempts to teach Lillie Langtree how to drive. 1456 Jun 2002 complete