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Title   Words Date Status
Dancing in the Dark Murders from the past catch up with the Kindred, but the police seem more interested in catching... Sasha?
Follows "Threats"
NC-17 - Slash
5124 Sep 1997 complete
Dancing in the Dark:
Blue Moon Effect
How does the "full moon" affect Kindred?
Slash (Julian/Frank)
1950 Sep 1997 complete
Family Reunion Frank gets a visit by his family. 905 Sep 1997 incomplete
Fox in a Henhouse AU: Right after episode 2 "Nightstalker". Frank is kidnapped by Starkweather's mother.
NC-17 - Slash (Julian/Frank)
5444 Jul 2000 complete
Threats Frank Kohanek left the misery of his early childhood behind a long time ago. But things have a habit of catching up with you when you least expect it. So when the past threatens San Francisco's Kindred Frank get's to call it 'Daddy'...
NC-17 - Slash (Archon/Julian, Julian/Frank)
10392 Jul 2000 complete