Author: Patricia Bell

Title   Words Date Status
Can you feel the love tonight? This story happens a bit earlier than the meeting of Julian and Duncan McLeod...
"Highlander" / "Touched by an Angel" crossover
6973 Aug 2001 complete
Gladiators and vampires The Immortal Felicia Martens kills Kindred to gain more power. It's up to Julian Luna and Duncan MacLeod to stop her.
"Highlander" crossover
15074 Aug 2001 complete
Et mourir de plaisir Julian embraces Caitlin 10427 Sep 2001 complete
Lillie's fling Lillie has a fling with Duncan McLeod
"Highlander" crossover
4042 Sep 2001 complete
The Halfling What if an Inmortal got Embraced?
"Highlander" crossover
5804 Sep 2001 complete
Editor's Pick
The Killing
Grace witnesses a murder and now the murderer is after her... 7670 Sep 2001 complete
Editor's Pick
The Killing 2: Closure
More about Grace 2990 Sep 2001 complete
Julian's Wedding Julian's and Caitlin's marriage is about to happen, when an Immortal tries to blow up San Francisco.
"Highlander" crossover - (slightly) Humor
14058 Oct 2001 complete
Editor's Pick
Frank and Sonny figure out there is something wrong with the kids of a gymnastics meet.
A Frank and Sonny adventure
7884 Oct 2001 complete
The Therapy Session "Highlander" crossover
Duncan solves Julian's problem...
10449 Oct 2001 complete
Amanda's visit Julian's fling with Amanda...
"Highlander" crossover
9808 Nov 2001 complete
The Priest A tale about Julian and the Church.
"Highlander" crossover
7138 Nov 2001 complete
Editor's Pick
Death series 1:
Cash's Funeral
The death of Cash
(minor) "Highlander" crossover
4956 Dec 2001 complete
Editor's Pick
Death series 2:
Keeping the Promise
Frank's death
"Highlander" crossover
4904 Dec 2001 complete
Death series 3:
Julian's death
"Highlander" crossover (AU)
11452 Dec 2001 complete
Death series 4:
Future Kindred
Cameron's death
"Highlander" crossover
16992 Dec 2001 complete