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Title   Words Date Status
Pathways in the Dark 2: The Request "Angel" "Poltergeist - the Legacy" crossover
Wesley visits the L.A. Tremere Chantry and meets someone familiar.
First part of the ''Prince of L.A.'' storyline.
3268 Mar 2002 complete
Pathways in the Dark 3: Coming Out of Hiding "Angel" "Poltergeist - The Legacy" crossover
The Tremere Chantry of Los Angeles has to face the visit of a Justicar. "Prince of L.A. storyline"
6722 Mar 2002 complete
SF universe 1: The Conclave The head of the L.A. Tremere arrives in San Francisco, bringing messages to the local Clan Primogens.
NC-17- Slash
2738 Jun 2002 complete
SF universe 2: Suspicions After the Conclave meeting Cash discovers that something is wrong with Cameron and confronts Julian about his relationship with Thorne.
NC-17 - Slash
776 Jun 2002 complete
SF universe 3: A Private Meeting Julian invites Lady Abigail to a private meeting and learns disturbing news about Cameron's blood relatives in L.A.
NC-17 - Slash
2291 Jun 2002 complete
SF universe 4: Blood relatives Cameron meets Lady Abigail in Lacroix' house and after a long argument agrees to go to L.A.
NC-17 · Slash
3516 Jun 2002 complete
SF universe 5: Homecoming Cameron arrives in L.A. and meets his blood relatives. 3794 Jun 2002 complete
SF universe 6: Healing Process Cameron's blood relatives are understandably upset when they discover what a bad shape he is, due to Thorne's ''sessions''.
NC-17 - Slash
1694 Jun 2002 complete
SF universe 7: Acceptance Cameron uses his skills to get accepted by the family leaders.
NC-17 · Slash
1830 Jun 2002 complete
Pathways in the Dark 0: A Visit from the Dark Master "Buffy - the Vampire Slayer" "Angel" crossover
Re-write of the BtVS Season 5-opener ’’Buffy vs. Dracula"
6847 Aug 2003 incomplete
Pathways in the Dark 1: Forgotten Roots "Buffy - the Vampire Slayer" crossover
Cash is sent to L.A. to sniffle around Cyrus a little - and unexpectedly finds his own roots.
23740 Dec 2003 complete
Pathways in the Dark - Riley Finn 1: Precious Son "Buffy - the Vampire Slayer" crossover
Riley Finn makes an acquaintance in Belize, and it changes his entire life.
2147 Aug 2004 incomplete
Anarch Chronicles 1: Daughter of the Night Salvador Garcia, one of the leaders of the Anarch Revolt, meets his first future Childe. 9229 Dec 2006 complete
Anarch Chronicles 2: Inheritance Archon, Julian Luna, Stevie Ray and Sorrel have a cameo appearance. 8904 Dec 2006 incomplete