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Title   Words Date Status
Double Trouble Two friends from Louisiana are visiting San Francisco on College trip. 1457 Mar 2001 incomplete
Family Family from Louisiana ask for Julian's help. 491 Mar 2001 incomplete
The New Breed Werewolves head for the city. 2748 Mar 2001 complete
In the beginning Series: This Childe of Mine 786 Apr 2001 complete
Running away ... 647 Apr 2001 incomplete
Nothing Is As It Seems Xander has some changes in his life.
"Buffy - the Vampire Slayer" crossover
4829 May 2001 complete
Falling out of Place It deals with Frank 1794 Oct 2001 incomplete
The Takeover Someone's takin over the police station 1058 Oct 2001 complete
The New Breed - version 2 Werewolves head for the city. 2667 Jan 2002 incomplete
Nothing Is As It Seems 2 "Buffy - the Vampire Slayer" crossover 6056 Nov 2003 incomplete
Terror Without a Face Something terrible has happened 1202 Feb 2004 incomplete