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Title   Words Date Status
After the Awakening Julian and Frank go hunting. This story is set about two to three weeks after the events in "Suprise Awakening". 3015 Jul 2007 complete
Kindred Stories: Investigation's End The investigation into the Kindred conspiracy is complete. Frank is wounded during a raid and faces unfamiliar treatment. 7786 Jul 2007 complete
Editor's Pick
Surprise Awakening
Julian fulfills a promise he made to Frank. Mild mention of past violence. Very mild coarse language.
First of a series.
7956 Jul 2007 complete
Beginner Tales: Frank's Journey Frank learns what it means to be Kindred, Ventrue and a Childe of Julian Luna. It's a week and a half since Julian embraced Frank. Follows up "First Day's End". 19289 Dec 2007 complete
First Day's End With a little help from Julian, Frank completes the change from Human to Kindred. It's the night after Frank's embrace. Follows up "Surprise Awakening" 2779 Feb 2008 complete
First Lessons Frank learns, practices, and reflects upon 'typical' Kindred activities. Set around the early part of Frank's Journey 3022 Jul 2008 complete
Trials and Tribulations Frank learns more about Kindred and Family. 8047 Oct 2008 complete